This is a list of websites that might be helpful to people seeking information about schizophrenia. It is by no means complete, nor listed in any order of importance, nor are we necessarily recommending them all, nor do they necessarily express the views of anyone here, and so on.

Schizophrenia general, treatment, support and recovery information psychiatry (you must register)

Pages by people who have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder

Some well-known people with schizophrenia (John Nash) (Dr. Fred Frese) (Dr. Dan Fisher) (Louis Wain) (Syd Barrett) (Jazz musician Tom Harell) (Vaslav Nijinsky) (model Nina Dean) (Veronica Lake) (football's Lionel Aldridge) ('father of jazz' Buddy Bolden) (Peter Green)

Places to chat etc. (Usenet newsgroup) (Usenet newsgroup) (forums, no chat)
Http:// (Depression chat) (General MI site with schizophrenia forums)


Roads less traveled (Alternative theories and treatments)

Psych meds information

DSM IV (DSM IV exlplained)

Sites about mental health/illness in general

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